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Juror Talk - Alex Chamberlain - Shared screen with speaker view
Misti Scott
The online instagram student exhibition can be found here:  https://www.instagram.com/depauwart_student_exhibitions/This instagram page will be used for student exhibitions at DePauw and student curated exhibits at DePauw.
Misti Scott
Exhibitions at DePauw can be found here https://www.depauw.edu/arts-and-culture/arts/peeler/exhibits/. and upcoming punch card events can be found here https://depauw.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/art/events
Misti Scott
Students who won awards tonight will be featured on the DePauwArt instagram page in the coming days.  https://www.instagram.com/depauwart/
Lori Miles
CONGRATULATIONS to all our awesome artists and thanks so much to ALEX. It was so wonderful to hear your thoughts on each work. Great job guys.
Misti Scott
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Lori Miles
Based on student work from Peeler you’ve seen before COVID, what’s changed in our students’ visual approaches?